Digging in the Crates: An Ethnographic Study of DJs’ Work (Ahmed, Benford, Crabtree, CHI 2012) presents an ethnographic study that uncovers the work of nightclub DJs, which extends far beyond the act of mixing tracks to also encompass collecting music, preparing for performances, and promotion and networking. This raises implications for technologies to support DJs, while also shedding light on previous studies of music consumption and sharing in other settings.

Supporting Traditional Music-Making: Designing for Situated Discretion (Benford, Tolmie, Ahmed, Crabtree,  Rodden, CSCW 2012) presents an ethnographic study of Irish music sessions in pubs that elaborates the collaborative work involved in making traditional music. The social demands of musical “etiquette‟ sensitise CSCW to the need to design technologies to support the “situated discretion‟ that is essential to traditional practices.

Performing Musical Interaction: Lessons from the Study of Interactive Theatrical Performances (Benford, the Computer Music Journal) discusses how various HCI frameworks (including expected sensed desired; spectator interfaces; and trajectories) apply to the design of future musical instruments.


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