Spectators and broadcasting


The increasingly public nature of interaction, in museums, galleries, theme parks, clubs, bars, and on the city streets, raises new challenges for HCI concerning the nature of spectatorship and the framing of interaction in public.

  • A Conversation Between Trees:What Data Feels Like In The Forest (Jacobs, Benford, Selby, Golembewski, Dominic Price, Giannachi, CHI 2013) presents a   study   of   an   interactive   artwork   that shows   how   artists engaged the public with scientific climate change data.   It shows that   the   artists   adopted   a   distinct approachthat fostered an emotional engagement with data rather than an informative  or  persuasive  one and charts  the performative strategies   they   used   to   achieve   this   including   sensory engagement  with  data,  a  temporal  structure  that  balanced liveness  with  slowness,  and  the juxtaposition  of  different treatments of the data to enable interpretation and dialogue.
  • Designing the spectator experience (Reeves, Benford, OMalley and Fraser, Proceedings of CHI 2005) explores different strategies for designing he spectator view of interaction. A comparison of different approaches to hiding, transforming, revealing or even amplifying manipulations of an interface and their consequent effects reveals four contrasting approaches referred to as secretive, expressive, magical and suspenseful. Winner of a CHI 2005 best paper award.

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