Current funded research projects

  • I am an EPSRC-funded Dream Fellow exploring the theme Inspiration, Immersion and Impact with the Creative Industries through a series of visiting positions with creative companies including the BBC and Microsoft Research.
  • Fusing Semantic and Audio Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption (FAST) is an EPSRC funded Programme Grant exploring future music technologies in partnership with Queen Mary College London and The University of Oxford.
  • Unilever are funding a major three year programme of activity to explore the augmentation of fast moving consumer goods as part of the emerging Internet of Things.
  • Living with Interactive Decorative Patterns is a Digital Economy programme ‘research in the wild’ project funded by EPSRC exploring applications of interactive decorative patterns.
  • Magellan is an EU-funded project to enhance the creativity of people by establishing a web platform for cost-effectively authoring, publishing, executing, and experiencing location based games.
  • I am Director of the  ‘Horizon: My Life In Data’ Centre for Doctoral Training which was initially funded by EPSRC to train over 90 PhD students with the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required to be industry and research leaders in the digital economy. The centre was recently renewed in 2014 to train a further 80 students with a focus on the role of personal data in constructing digital identities.
  • The RCUK-funded Horizon Digital Economy hub brings together researchers from a broad range of disciplines to investigate how digital technology may enhance the way we live, work, play and travel in the future.
  • Archives, Assets and Audiences is an AHRC creative economy knowledge exchange project in collaboration with the University of Leicester and Nottingham Trent University that is bringing together academics, industry and public partners to explore how digital technologies can enable new industrial heritage experiences.
  • Living with Digital Ubiquity is an EPSRC-funded platform grant that underpins our work at the Mixed Reality Laboratory, enabling us to open up new research territory by funding sensitising studies, early prototypes and support an artist in residency scheme.
  • Data-Method-Asset: Harnessing the Infinite Archive is s an international research network led by the University of Nottingham and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute. The network brings together university partners in the UK and US, and with cultural institutions and industry partners in the UK. Together, we explore the shaping of digital archives and in turn, technology and knowledge.
  • Funded by Google/You Tube, the MarathOnLive project involves a team of our doctoral training centre students developing and studying a system to enable spectators to crowdsource the coverage of marathon races.

EPSRC portfolio

View my present and past EPSRC grant portfolio here.

Previous research grants

Project Start End Funder Type
The Challenge of Widespread Ubiquitous Computing 2008 2013 EPSRC Platform grant
CHESS (Cultural Heritage Experiences through Socio-personal interactions and Storytelling) 2010 2013 EU STREP
Towards Pervasive Media 2010 2011 EPSRC Feasibility Account
Riders Have Spoken: Designing and Evaluating an Archive for Replaying Interactive Performances 2010 2011 AHRC
Wearable Biosensing and the Design, Documentation and Adaptation of Entertainment Experiences 2008 2009 EPSRC Digital Economy Feasibility Study
New Research Processes and Business Models for the Creative Industries 2008 2009 EPSRC Digital Economy Cluster
Homework: Shaping Future User Centred Domestic Infrastructures 2008 2011 EPSRC WINES III
Bridging the gaps between mathematics, ICT and Engineering at Nottingham 2007 2009 EPSRC
Flypad Production 2007 2008 The Public
Towards making Grid-Enabled Schools eScience usable and reusable for and with teachers 2007 2008 ESRC
Personal Inquiry 2007 2010 ESRC
DReSS 2006 2008 ESRC
Educational Hitchers 2006 2008 Industry Futurelab
Participate 2005 2008 EPSRC/TSB
Savannah 2004 2004 Industry Futurelab
Nottingham e-Science and GRID 2004 2005 HEFCE SRIF II
INSCAPE: Interactive Storytelling for Creative People 2004 2008 EU VI Framework IST
iPerG: Integrated project on Pervasive Gaming 2004 2008 EU VI Framework IST
Pervasive and Locative Media 2004 2006 EPSRC
Leonardo: EU/New Zealand Pilot Cooperation 2004 2008 EU
A Mutual Friend 2003 2004 AHRC
Development of an e-Environment learning facility for schools 2003 2004 HEFCE JISC
Convivio 2003 2007 EU
Virtual Surgery Simulator using Boundary Element Analysis 2002 2005 EPSRC Healthcare Informatics
Virtual Reality Flightdeck Technology 2002 2005 EPSRC Flightdeck Safety
Environmental e-science in the lab and in the field 2002 2005 EPSRC eScience Core Programme
Citywide 2002 2003 AHRC
Shape: Situating Hybrid Assemblies in Public Environments 2001 2004 EU V Framework FET
Using virtual environments to develop social skills for people with Asperger’s Syndrome 2000 2003 Shirley Foundation
Equator – Technical Innovation in Physical and Digital Life (GR/N15986/01) 2000 2007 EPSRC IRC
VIKE – The Visualisation, Imaging and Interactive Knowledge Environment 1999 2002 EPSRC JREI – Joint Research Equipment Initiative
Combining visualisation, communication and telepresence in a mixed reality control room 1998 2001 British Gas Case award
KidStory: developing collaborative storytelling environments for children, with children 1998 2001 EU ESPRIT IV Long Term Research
Developing a Virtual Campus 1997 1999 HEFCE JISC
Social Interaction Through Objects in Co-Present and Virtual Environments 1997 1999 ESRC
Armstrong Visualisation 1997 1997 Industry Reuters
eRENA – Electronic Arenas for Culture, Performance, Art and Entertainment 1997 2000 EU ESPRIT IV Long Term Research
Multimedia Networking for Inhabited Television 1997 2000 EPSRC
Network Architectures for Inhabited Television 1997 2000 Industry BT
Large-scale Distributed Multi-User Virtual Reality 1996 1999 EPSRC
Inhabited Information Spaces 1996 1996 EU EPSRIT IV Long Term research I3
Virtual Reality Training Techniques 1996 1996 EU European Parliament
COVEN II 1996 1999 EU ACTS
DEVRL – The Distributed Extensible Virtual Reality Laboratory 1995 1997 EPSRC ROPA
The Use of Virtual Reality in the Treatment of Phobias 1995 1995 MRC
Inhabiting the Web 1995 1997 Industry British Telecom
Populated Information Terrains 1995 1998 Industry British Gas
Architectures For Distributed Virtual Reality 1995 1998 EPSRC British Telecom
COVEN – Collaborative Virtual Environments 1995 1998 EU ACTS
CAJUN – Electronic Dissemination of Journals 1993 1995 Industry Wiley and Chapman and Hall Publishers
Virtuosi – Support for Virtual Organisations 1993 1997 EPSRC CSCW programme with DTI
An Investigation into User Requirements for Advanced Spatial Decision Support Systems 1993 1994 ESRC
COMIC – Configurable Mechanisms for Cooperative Work 1992 1995 EU ESPRIT Basic Research
CEILIDH – Courseware to Support the Teaching of Programming 1992 1995 HEFCE TLP Phase 1
MOCCA – Environments for CSCW 1991 1993 EU COST-11-TER
The Ceilidh System for Automatically Assessing Computer Programs. 1991 1991 University Enterprise scheme
GRACE – Building Distributed Group Communication on OSI 1989 1992 HEFCE TLP Phase 1



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