50. Licks, tricks and cheats

Carolan Guitar

Carolan has been to stay with Mark Rouncefield, a researcher and guitar player from Lancaster. In his professional life Mark is an ethnographer who is well known for his naturalistic studies of how computers are actually used in real-world settings. At home, he invests considerable time into learning the guitar, including regular lessons with his teacher Willy Fluss. Carolan spends a week with Mark, after which we sit down to discuss guitars, the blues and the lifelong journey of learning to play …


Mark’s passion is for the blues and he can clearly recall that the first tune he ever learned was Freddy King’s ‘Hideaway’ so he’s naturally interested in some of Carolan’s previous blues players such as Jimmy Wiggington and Joe Barber from way back in post 33. He recalls how, like many, he began learning from books, but now increasingly draws on tracks transcribed by his…

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