48. An Educated Thumb

Carolan Guitar

Carolan has spent time with renowned guitarist and luthier Steve Hicks. Steve and his collaborator Lynn Golbourn are currently busy touring folk clubs and festivals throughout the UK. Steve started out with flamenco guitar at age fourteen before studying with the legendary Duck Baker and expanding into fingerstyle jazz. Today, Steve is master of a bewildering array of styles spanning classic ragtime, swing jazz, blues, Celtic, early and modern classical. He has also given guitar playing workshops and master classes at venues including the Stamford International Guitar Festival and the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago. It’s quite a track record!

Here, Steve plays Baloney Blues, an original composition in the Nashville thumb-picking style (though he heads into Doc Watson’s Deep River Blues in the middle). Sounds lovely – that’s a truly educated thumb.

Steve is also a professional luthier with a full order book for his handmade acoustic…

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