42. Siblings

We’ve been decorating other kinds of instruments. D-Boxes are radically different from traditional acoustic guitars. However, they might still carry their histories with them.

Carolan Guitar

We bring exciting news that Carolan has acquired some siblings, although you would be hard pressed to spot the family resemblance.

The Carolan team has been collaborating with Andrew McPherson and his group at the Augmented Instruments Laboratory at Queen Mary to explore how we might decorate other musical instruments with their life stories. This is part of a new five-year research project called FAST that has been funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to explore new forms of digital music object.

Andrew’s lab creates new musical instruments and also augments traditional ones with sensors, new types of sound production and new ways of interacting. A lovely example of Andrew’s previous work was to augment traditional piano keyboards with capacitance sensors so that pianists could naturally create vibratos, bends and other effects by moving their fingers on individual keys – an idea called TouchKeys.

In a quite different vein, their recent work has been exploring…

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