27. In the Moment

Lulu Reinhardt improvises a new tune and shares some stories on the Carolan guitar.

Carolan Guitar

Great excitement as Carolan gets to spend an hour with Lulo Reinhardt who is performing at the Djanogly Theatre at Nottingham Lakeside Arts on his current tour. Lulu is a leading proponent of Gypsy music and has been wowing audiences worldwide with his virtuoso guitar playing and innovative compositions that crossover with jazz, latin and even celtic music. This is perhaps no surprise given his pedigree as the great-nephew of the legendary Django Reinhardt.

Lulo is generous with his time, joining us in the green room after his soundcheck to get to know Carolan.

He also tells us some stories about his own guitars. Lulo’s guitars are imbued with personal meaning, being named after his grandchildren. And with a fourth on the way there is, naturally, a need to hunt for a new instrument to add to the collection. There is perhaps a lesson for all of us here (or at least…

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