26. Photo shoot

Carolan strikes a pose. Time for the official photo shoot.

Carolan Guitar

Carolan’s been very busy since Nick added the finishing touches, making friends with guitarists and admirers alike, many of whom will feature in future blog posts. Despite a busy social diary the team manged to book a slot for Carolan to attend a studio so we could capture some photos of our baby.

front1back 2

Some close ups of the Celtic knotwork on Carolan’s soundboard …

front side anglefront from side 1

bottom to top

We can’t stop looking at the lovely figuring in the flamed Maple on the back and sides. The use of light coloured woods all round gives a very distinctive look, Carolan certianly stand out in a crowd …

back side angle

Headstock 1

… and we can’t stop playing with the removable soundhole on the top, as discussed in blog post 19: Smell. Guitarists who have played Carolan often say it sounds better for the player with the soundhole taken out. It’s like your own personal monitor!

side soundhole coming outside soundhole out

… and finally, we’re still checking…

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