16. Config

It’s not all about wood! We’ve also been prototyping the Carolan guitar app. Learn how to configure Aestheticodes.

Carolan Guitar

Let’s leave Nick to get on with building our guitar and turn back to the software side of the project for a moment.

We urgently to build an app to go with the Carolan guitar so that people can interact with it. To be honest, although we came up with an initial mapping between different parts of the guitar and different interactions a while ago (as discussed way back in Post 9), we’re still not sure precisely what this app should do. You might think that we’d have figured this out before we started, but making an interactive guitar like Carolan is a new idea and our research project is all about exploring new possibilities.

Fortunately there is a solution at hand the form of ‘iterative prototyping’. One of the great things about software is that – perhaps unlike wood? – it is extremely malleable. We can begin shaping it, but then continually change and adapt its shape as we go. Even…

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