14. Back

Etching and inlaying the back of the Carolan guitar

Carolan Guitar

We’re back from our break and back to the back. It’s time to begin serious work on the rear of our guitar.

If you remember our previous posting, this is going to be a expanse of flamed maple, decorated with an aestheticode pattern that is large enough to be scannable from some distance away, perhaps through a shop window or even by an audience at a venue.

Nick begins by cutting the maple into two sections that can then be ‘bookmatched’, a luthier’s term for carefully matching them up to give a pleasingly symmetrical pattern of grain.

Bookmatching two pieces of flamed maple for the back

He marks out the shape of the guitar on these pieces before cutting them out and gluing them together to form a single back piece.

markedupmaple Marking out the shape of the guitar

Then it’s off to our friends at Nottinghack once again to make use of the laser cutter. The etch of our pattern…

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