A Dread-ful day at the Carolan guitar factory …

Carolan Guitar

Enough of the digital talk. For this post, it’s time to get back to some serious guitar talk instead.

Guided by Nick, we’ve now come up with a design for the Carolan guitar. The body shape is broadly based on the popular Dreadnought (or ‘Dread’) style, a versatile style first created by C. F Martin and Company nearly one hundred years ago and named after the modern battleships of the time. In our case, we’ve extended both upper and lower bouts to make some extra space for aesthteticode patterning, leading to a slightly asymmetric shape.

We’ve also opted for a small cutaway, both for the traditional musical reason of providing easier access to the upper reaches of the fretboard, but also to provide an extra hidden nook for decoration (don’t tell anyone else about this secret code location though!) .

Perhaps the most distinctive features of our design are the sound holes. Inspired by our earlier…

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